Attracting, Hiring & Retaining .NET Developers

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Having placed hundreds of .NET Developer's over the past 5 years, we've acquired a real knack of knowing how to attract, hire and retain these professionals.

We've created a free e-book which contains useful tips that you can implement right away.

Hainton Salary Guide - Candidates Edition

Inside You'll Learn

How To Write An Effective Job Advert That Gets Your Target Audience Applying

Why You Should Allow Your Developers To Pursue A Side Hustle

Why Candidates Are Rejecting Your Job Offers

How To Retain .NET Developers In Your Team

What clients of ours have to say…

"Vianet’s had the pleasure of working with Hainton over the past 18 months. Tom has provided a first-class service having taken the time to build a robust inside knowledge of our business and requirements. To date, Tom has successfully placed five candidates. Vianet is looking forward to working with you and your colleagues again in the near future."

People and Developer Advisor, Vianet

"Tom is an excellent recruiter who has successfully placed numerous candidates within a short space of time. He has a deep understanding of IT technologies and programming languages. What's more, he cannot just screen potential candidates for their technical skills but also for a company's cultural fit. Above all, Tom manages to find talent that other agencies simply can't."

Recruitment Manager, Opencast